Straight White Boy Problem #462



my phone ran out of battery so i cant play 2048 and none of my friends are in this class. school is so boring……..i guess its time for me to show my skills *starts banging on table rhythmically with a pencil until teacher asks me to stop*



himym is suuuuch a shitty show its not funny in the slightest

the main character is the worst. it’s literally “romcom the sitcom”


Halfway through this one I decided I didn’t know how to draw so it’s all kindsa static crap but ah well


Oh my god. I so rarely like Kanaya bloodswaps, but this one captures her personality WITH the obvious indigo personality traits and just. MMM



First day of school in Gaza Sep 14th,2014.

School was delayed in Beit Hanoun because people is taking shelter in schools as they lost their houses were destroyed in the recent israeli attack on Gaza. The school plan is about outside class rooms activities to help children get over the psychological trauma after war .

Children prayed for their dead friends and put up their names instead of the place they should have be using is school.

The kids who have to deal with this stuff are so brave, I respect them a lot.

Things like this are incredibly humbling.






cis people aren’t allowed to edit my papers anymore


It’s not my job to educate you, teacher.

I’m betting one hundred bucks that this is a comment about a really badly written essay and not someone being actively transphobic.

well, you’re about to owe me one hundred bucks.

  1. this is not the first time i mentioned privilege in the paper. or cisgender. this paper was written on my personal experiences with being trans, and the difficulties i’ve faced because of it, and the difficulties that cisgender people with otherwise comparable lives have not faced.
  2. the terms privilege and cisgender had both been thoroughly elaborated on in this paper.
  3. this paper was written for a women’s studies class, on gender analysis, in which both privilege and cisgender privilege in particular had been explained, elaborated upon, and discussed by the professor.
  4. the comment was not by the professor, it was by a cis classmate during a peer review.
  5. the words cisgender and privilege are both in scare quotes (in case you can’t google that or don’t know what it means or want to deny their existence, scare quotes is when you put a word or phrase in quotation marks to make it seem less real — the textual version of sarcastically making air quotes with your fingers)
  6. another edit, by the same editor, involved asking me what my birth name was. i’m sure you don’t need to be told that that’s transphobic.
  7. i spoke to the professor about this edit, and he agreed with me that the comment (and the way it was phrased) was out of line. in fact, he thought it was so out of line that he led a workshop for the class on how not to be disrespectful assholes to trans people (say, by asking for their birth name, or telling them they’re wrong or oversensitive about transphobia).
  8. i got a 99% on the essay — WITHOUT changing anything the edit asked for.
  9. the professor liked my essay so much that he asked to keep it as an EXAMPLE for future classes

bonus: if your reaction to seeing gross transphobic things is “well it’s probably the trans person’s fault”, then you’re gross and transphobic and i hope you don’t know any trans people IRL for their sake

Rather than dismissing one another, how about we take a second and understand the others perspective? On this site, people constantly like to play victim. While there are definitely cases where the discrimination was blatant and hurtful, there are others who will take every opportunity to get sympathy and cause anger among their peers over small misunderstandings or things pulled completely out of context. You (queerpunkhamlet) were definitely in the right to call out the people in this post who are trying to take away the legitimacy of your problem, but directly calling them transphobic was going a little far.


but what if asami was a kyoshi warrior?!?

oh my god give it to me


and then i was all

why not some equius



DAYUM. I was alway hella bummed that this didn’t get out to the US. This looks rad.

Dino Apocolypse